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A Recipe to achieve a successful fostering family

Nov 16
Recipe 2


MAIN COURSE           Serves the entire family

To start: gather all the information and equip yourself for each placement.

Some of the ingredients that will be needed:            Preparation time: 24/7

  • 300g Love
  • 2 heaped tablespoons of Commitment
  • A bunch of Patience
  • Huge handful of Time
  • 7 oz of Determination
  • 250g of Laughter
  • Season with Perseverance
  • 2lb of Honesty
  • Rub in Communication
  • Batches of Support
  • A huge amount of Satisfaction
  • Tremendous amount of praise
  • A bunch of Togetherness

Place commitment and determination together and stir vigorously into the start of a placement. You are committed to this task and you are determine to succeed.

Patience and communication can be blended together at this point as your fostering service is not being supportive and your new family member refuses to talk.

Perseverance is whisked in at this point in time as you are determine to get pass this difficult start.

Time is gently folded in as you are drastically needed to gather all information on the health of the young person

Communication and support has now kicked in from your fostering service and the young person is communicating, so now a huge amount of Satisfaction is blended in.

Sprinkle in some Love as you are now aware that the young person would like to be sprinkled with it

Toss in lots of laughter as it changes many unwanted feelings

Perfectly add your batch of support to the young person as they are now accepting it

Overdose with a tremendous amount of praise, the young person succeeds through praise

Combine a vast amount of togetherness, spend time together, supporting one another

Very gently toss everything together until satisfaction is received from all parties, the young person, yourself, your family and your fostering service.

All instructions are optional in the order in which they are placed. The amount of ingredients is just a guide. Please change according to your needs.

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