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Valuing Kids Who Foster

Sep 26
valuing kids who foster

Sons and Daughters of Foster carers play an important role in the lives and care of the Foster children and they WILL face many challenges during any placement.

Sharing their parents, belongings, lives and homes with total strangers WILL have an impact on their lives. Where do they go to air any of their concerns, worries or experiences?

Birth children are the individuals that can make or break a placement and it is very important to acknowledge the contribution made by the Sons and Daughters of Foster carers.

The stability within the fostering placements has been identified as a key factor in ensuring successful outcomes for children. The Sons and Daughters of Foster carers are a key component of the success of a placement, promoting positive outcomes for children in Foster care.

Kids Who Foster will provide a support service and website for the Sons and Daughters of Foster Carers, providing online support as well as providing practical support, raising awareness of the integral but sometimes overlooked roles that are played by these children.

We will be providing a mentoring service, training in ‘How to manage allegations’ etc, promoting the values of Fostering, an awards and achievement night, sports events involving both the birth children and the foster children promoting team building, providing the children with a forum to enable them to network with other children within similar situations as themselves.

The vision of Kids Who Foster is to contribute to empowering the community, promoting the awareness of Fostering for prospective fostering families, promoting self esteem and confidence, restoring fractured families and raising aspirations.

This is a brief analysis of Kids Who Foster; I hope that you will be a part of this vision. If you have any comments, suggestions or queries please do not hesitate to contact KWF using our contact form

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