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What about me?

Oct 17


My family fosters, we have been fostering for some years now, and it is a long time without receiving support.
What do you mean? I hear you say. If my family were fostering for years without receiving support our lives would be a mess is that right? Well, within those years I have not been receiving any support, how do you think I am feeling?
Fostering is a wonderful thing, we provide stability, routines, love and support to the children that we care for, but most of all I have to share my parents which can be difficult at times.
My mum and dad tries very hard to split themselves between all us children, but what I have noticed is that my foster cousins have my parents to talk to; also they have their Social worker. I don’t think that it is fair that I do not have anyone other than my parents; it’s not everything I want to tell my parents.
I need support also.
Renea age 12

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