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Fostering Is A Good Idea

Oct 17

I decided to foster when I lost twin girls. My beautiful girls entered into the world twelve weeks early. One of the twins lived for two weeks and the other lived for six months, neither of the girls came home. Life was hard trying to cope with it all.
I decided to return to work after having a year off but I decided to change direction and started working with children, as my previous job involved working within the beauty industry. I started working within nurseries, mainstream schools and special needs schools.
Going along this route gave me much healing being amongst the children, BUT I needed something that was more of a challenge, as I felt that I wasn’t being challenged.
The question was asked “why not foster?” my first thought was how can I love or care for someone else’s child? I pondered on that thought for some time but soon began to research into the different types of fostering and decided to go ahead with the assessment.
It took two years for us to be approved as our fostering service needed to make sure that we could cope with the idea of a child leaving our home, how to manage separation.
After many years of fostering, we find it a very rewarding job. To see the children strive, develop confidence, achieve high grades and become ambitious it gives you a feeling of achievement. We enjoy what we do, making sure that each child receives the care and support that they need.
Are you wondering if fostering is for you? Don’t hesitate there are over 10,000 foster carers needed within the UK, why not be one of them.
Tracy, foster carer

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